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Product Description Units
[Farmer Product] Tri-County Cooperative Casola Farms pumpkins - Face 45-50 ct. $190 if buying 20+ bins Bin
[Farmer Product] Tri-County Cooperative Casola Farms Sugar - 150 count Bin
[Farmer Product] Tri-County Cooperative DeWolf - Sugar - 130-140 count Bin
[Farmer Product] Hlubik Farms Face - 40 to 60 ct Bin
[Farmer Product] Wright Way Farms JBL 1/2 Bushel
[Farmer Product] Peck Farms Sugars 6 per box
[Farmer Product] Kucowski Farm Visit the Pumpkin Auction on October 6th at 2 pm for lots of variety! Many varieites will be available at the auction
[Farmer Product] Peck Farms White sugars 6 per box